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VIADUCT Guest Lecture Series

VIADUCT organises at least 12 Guest Lectures hosted at 12 different partner institutions from the network. The VIADUCT Guest Lectures invite academics from the partner institutions and the extended network partner to give a public guest lecture on an important and topical theme within nexus EU-Turkey relations and EU’s future, followed by an open discussion among lecturer, academic host institution and the audience. Thus, VIADUCT offers an international perspective in teaching and fosters exchange in research and teaching between the network partners.

VIADUCT Guest Lectury by Lady Dr Julie Smith at Vilnius University

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On the 16th May Dr Julie Smith (Baroness Smith of Newnham) held a Guest Lecture at Vilnius University on the topic 'On the edge of EUrope - what lessons does Turkey provide for Brexit Britain?'. In her lecture Lady Smith noted that would-be Member States are assumed to 'learn' from the European Union how to be a 'good Member State' regarding its norms and values. By analysing and referring to the case of the Turkish accession process, Lady Smith drew parallels between a post-Brexit United Kingdom and the current developments in Turkish politics regarding its relationship with the EU and asked for some reverse lessons to be learned (by Tukrey, the UK, and the EU). The lecture provided a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing debate in the UK on Brexit and suggested links between prospects for UK and Turkey.

The Guest Lecture was attended by more than seventy students and academics from Vilnius University´s Institute of International Relations and Political Science. 

VIADUCT Guest Lecture at Koc University

On 22 March 2019 the second VIADUCT guest lecture was held at Koc University in Istanbul by Frank Schimmelfennig (ETHZ). His speech addressed the following question: ‘Is differentiated integration the future of Europe?' 

VIADUCT Guest Lecture at Cambridge University

On 23 November 2017 a first VIADUCT guest lecture was held at Cambridge University by VIADUCT Project Director Funda Tekin. Her speech on ‘Drivers and Brakemen in EU-Turkey Relations – Which Road Ahead?’ was followed by a fruitful discussion with the audience.